Links from First Digital History Workshop

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all for a fantastic first workshop. Here are some of the links we discussed:

Here are the seminars on campus for learning about digital tools:

For those interested in using Textplot (the tool I mentioned for statistic analysis of text corpus) and Gephi, here are the tutorials I used to make the network analysis of the correspondence (the image with all the colored networks).

Textplot is a statistical package designed by David McClure. His explanation of Textplot is so much better than anything I could paraphrase so I would highly recommend reading his blog posts before even attempting to use the tool (which runs on the command line by the way). He explains both the rationale for Textplot and also the ways you can refine the settings on textplot for your particular research question. A word of caution for those new to making graphs. To get one solid graph, you’re going to have to make a lot of less good graphs to get a sense of your parameter space (i.e. if you alter one setting how does that change the output). You can read the tutorials here I would also encourage people to check out Micki Kaufman’s explanation of using Textplot on her Quantifying Kissinger project that I mentioned If there’s enough interest, I would also be happy to organize an informal workshop on how to get your data into Textplot and make the graphs.



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